Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sweet Surprises!

Last night, two of my neighbor's kiddos arrived incognito at my doorstep with dinner goodies! Aren't they darling? My sweet friend found out that my hubby was having surgery and offered to bring us dinner - wahoo! I just had to snap a quick pic and got B right in there in the middle of them... He and C are in the same 1st grade class this year and we love that they are together.

I must say the meal was delicious! It was a Mexican chicken dish with sides of rice and beans. She also added yummy cookies for dessert! You treated us so well, Ellen - thank you so much for your sweet surprise!

Speaking of surprises....look what I walked into. Just when it gets quiet...that's when the real trouble begins! Ahh...the fun of q-tips. K sure was having a ball!

I've been doing more Fall decorating and will have some pics posted soon! Have a nice Thursday!


sandra/tx said...

I love your new blog heading -- pretty!

How's your hubby doing? So nice of your friends/neighbors to bring y'all dinner. Cute pics, especially the Q-Tip one. LOL

Off the subject, did you know there's a Tulsa gal on this season's Top Design?

**** April **** said...

It's great to have true friends like that. :) Sounds like you're on the road to establishing some good roots there. :)

nikkicrumpet said...

I love that they showed up in disguise lol. What a lovely gesture from your neighbor! And the Q-tip thing brought back memories.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I adore having new I'm off to snoop around your place!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I hope the surgery went well. What wonderful neighbors, and even better that they came dressed in their finest. :)

duchess said...

Sometimes you just have to say - whatever works & let them play with q-tips.

Shannon said...

I love your new blog header! What great neighbors!

Jill said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The dinner your neighbor brought over looks SO good. How sweet.

Great blog!

ellen said...

Poor kiddos...its obvious they don't have a mother. You should set their dad up with one of your friends!

Ashley Griffin said...

your blog is awesome. it has been so neat for me to see that everyone has the same kind of craziness that I do, that it goes beyond my own little corner of the world and that there are many of us honestly just clinging to Jesus to make it from day to day. My BFF found the header for me and since she has no kids she isn't up yet (he he he) but I sent her a text and when she will either email it straight to you or me. Love the pic of the q tips. I think it's happened to most of us in one form or another. You long for silence in your house...but you DON"T long for silence all in the same breath! :)

PAT said...

Hope all is well with your hubby.

That was such a sweet thing to do.
The meal looks delicious.

K is a cutie pie!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Heather @ Home said...

Hi,my friend Ashley Griffin, turned me on to your blog. It is awesome! Love your sense of style and decorating taste. I sell Southern Living at HOME and love everything about decorating. Your kids are adorable. I have one, a little boy, who is just starting to get into things. I have a feeling the Q-tip scenario is in my very near future! :)

Susie Harris said...

I just love your new header! It makes me love fall even more. Little miss with the qtips bring back memories...thanks. She looks like a true sweetie pie! Thanks for your prayers on getting us through the storm. Im ready to get back to decorating for fall. Take care!

Amber said...

That is the cutest idea...showing up in clown costume! They sound like a FUN family! Best of luck with your husband's surgery.

Love the music on your blog!

My parents live in Enid, Oklahoma... :-)

Angela said...

What a fun blog! sounds like you have some great neighbors. Hope all goes well with surgery. God bless. I feel honored to be on your links list. Thanks!!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

This is my first time to your blog and I just had to say - I've walked in on dumped Q-tips more times than I can count! Oh the joys, right?!

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