Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For the Itty Bittys....

Thought you all might like to tour one of the cutest playhouses on the planet. It is the Kit Kittredge playhouse that made the rounds at different American Girl Stores in Dallas, New York and Chicago - all in the name of Project Playhouse Charity. This little jewel is approximately 8ft by 10ft and "features the same craftsmanship and quality as the real homes built by the same homebuilders." (HomeAid.org)

I love the green front door - what a warm welcome. The detail on the front is classic cottage style with its stone veneer and shingled roof. Look at the arched window - so darling.
Step inside for a quick view of the wainscoting and wood floors. The wall colors are so cheery and how fun is that robin's egg blue table? I think the typewriter, lamp and radio actually work!

The sweet bookshelf holds vintage toys and a little suitcase on top. I love the stacked hatboxes, too. Did you notice the Dutch door?

I have just the spot in my yard for this....You better believe I'd be playing in it, too!


duchess said...

Oh my. I have just the little American Girl doll fan who would absolutely adore this house.
It would be fun.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, JL! Thanks for stopping by to see me so often. I just love this playhouse, so cute.

And, girl! wow did you score on those yardsale finds. Do you know how jealous I am on the zebra chair??? Oh man, I love that & I can't believe the price. the other things are great too, but that chair is the BEST! Good shopping.


Shannon said...

Ok, that is THE cutest thing I have ever seen!

Sue said...

Oh, that is about the cutest play house ever. What little girl wouldn't have fun in that.

Tricia said...

What a cute playhouse. I could move in today!

R said...

hey there! about my weekly menu...

nope, i've never tried that chicken recipe, but all of its reviews were great on the website, so i'm going to see how it goes... :0)

(because i totally like to live on the culinary edge...)

nikkicrumpet said...

Kids???? Heck I'd move in!!! What a little dream place.

You asked about the paint color. It is a Behr paint called celery bunch. It really is a pretty shade. Now I'm off to snoop around this lovely blog. I love your wallpaper...it would match my new bath and is giving me all kinds of color ideas!!!!! I'm thinking pink and brown towels might be the way to go!

PAT said...

That is the cutest little house! I'll have to show it to Miss Gabi! She'll love it.

sandra/tx said...

Awww... My dad built the cutest playhouse when I was 8. Even though I had two other sisters, I felt like he'd built it just for me. :-)

chickadee said...

now that is cute. it makes me want to play.

Denise said...

do they make it in mommy size. i want one too!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT house... this adult would like to have it for a mini-office! VERY CUTE!

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