Tuesday, September 2, 2008

McCain's Choice....

TOTALLY ROCKS!! ok, let me just say...I love Sarah Palin!! She's a gun-toting, pro-life, gutsy woman and a true maverick on many levels. She "believes in the strength and the power of women, and the potential of every human life". Amen, sister! I think it was an incredibly risky move for John McCain and I respect him for it. This energizes me like no other. I wasn't excited about this race... at all. The candidate I wanted in the White House is no where on the radar screen anymore and I just kind of felt that I was "handed" the choice - McCain - or nobody. I kind of have always felt he leaned much more to the left, than the right. However, his choice of VP really gets me motivated to sticker my car, grab a yard sign, and spread the word. Finally, A Change We Can Believe In!


sandra/tx said...

I'm right there with ya, sistah! My horse didn't run in this race, and I couldn't get excited about any of the candidates. Now I can. Woo hoo!

R said...

in concur completely! i was thinking about that today...they ARE really change we can believe in!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Sassy,
I have to agree. I have been pretty discouraged about the presidential race. I have noticed that lots of blogs I visit just avoid the topic all together.

Let's hope that big silent majority out there comes out in full support of this pair.

Glitter & Bliss said...

I agree... I am very excited about this choice too. She is a true inspiration to us all. I am anxious to hear her speech during the RNC. YEA!!!!

By the way, I enlarged my pictures. Thanks so much for letting me know. My camera stinks!!!! A new one is on my Christmas list/ :)

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there....I ran across your blog...love your little Ethan Allen table..good score...and your bee skein is adorable...I found one recently as well. I posted it on my blog.. will be back to visit. God Bless, cherry

**** April **** said...

AMEN SISTA!!!! :) She's REAL...

duchess said...

I'm with you on this one. Let's just hope it's enough to make the right decision in Nov.

nikkicrumpet said...

WOO HOO you're a girl after my own heart!!! I'm so excited about this amazing lady!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I am right there with you. I typically love the political season, but this has been SO depressing UNTIL the VP announcement...she rocks!! Did you see the pics of her in the governor's office with all the baby stuff around. Gotta love it!

Jill said...

I'm with you. I'm finally excited about this election. So excited, I'm joining the Hou Young Republicans next week. Who-Hoo

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

I found you through your comments about Palin on FussyPants' blog. You are right Palin rocks! McCain's selection of Palin is vitalzing the Republican Party like nothing I have seen in my 16 years of polictical volunteer work.

Tricia Anne said...

I could not have said it better!
I am real excited about how our future is looking! :o)
I am new to your blog and wanted to say hello and leave my agreement on Sarah Palin. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

southernpreppy said...


~ Humility ~

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