Monday, August 11, 2008

My new toy...

Got a new toy for my birthday. It is quite overwhelming, but I'm learning to use it. It's a Nikon D60 ya'll and I love it! I am hoping to take a photography class at the local community college pretty soon - I know it will help me learn all the little intricacies I couldn't possibly understand on my own. Why a Nikon? Simply put - it felt the best in my hand. I read and read about Canon vs. Nikon and most argued that you just need to hold it, play with it and get a feel for which camera handles the best for you. It sure does take great pictures and I know once I have all the info I need, I'll be able to produce some rockin photos!

Isn't he the cutest? This is my middle child - L - he is at the sweetest age right now and I love to have him around. We rarely see a day when he isn't dressed in his Spiderman costume. It may be hard to see, but he has the funniest little gray tooth. He fell and hit his front tooth smack-dab on the back of a little plastic chair and that was all she wrote. It died. But hey, thank God it was a baby tooth - not the permanent one!

And here's our baby doll - K. Would you please stop growing? We were at our neighborhood party this weekend, hosted by my sweet neighbor Ellen. Her darling son, B (who is 3), decided that K should be called "carrot". Now, I wonder where he got that from? It was quite amusing, but makes me wonder if we should have named our little red-head K! "K the carrot" is a little too much for me. So, I am apologizing now, K - I am praying to the good Lord above that you don't endure years of the carrot teasing!

I am incredibly sore and tired today. We spent countless hours this weekend cleaning, weeding, mulching and sweating in the back yard. It's not done - have more black ground cover to put down and mulching to add. But, don't it look good, ya'll! I am so happy with the results! Pics to follow..... But, oh, my achin back! I finally got up this morning and hobbled, and I mean hobbled, to the kitchen where I have a row of windows looking out into the backyard. One glimpse at my pretty yard - so. worth. it.

On another note - thanks to all that have stopped by. I appreciate hearing from all my new blogging friends - don't be a stranger!


ellen said...

I'm so sorry about the carrot comment! He promised it wasn't the red hair...he just heard you wrong. We've had some great weather for working in the yard, haven't we? Can't wait to see what you've done! Take care. And take some Motrin! :-)

Jenn said...

Hey girl! You should has seen E just as I was reading your blog...she kept kissing L and K on the monitor. Too Cute! My blog isn't half as good as your's...I'm so behind. E wanted me to tell you that she and K have the same play table and she loves it! Hope all is well! Miss you to death and can't wait until our first mommy-daughter trip!

~ Humility ~

Humility is perpetual quietness of heart.
It is to have no trouble.
It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore,
To wonder at nothing that is done to me,
to feel nothing done against me.
It is to be at rest when nobody praises me,
And when I am blamed or despised;
it is to have a blessed home in myself
where I can go in and shut the door
and kneel to my Father
in secret and be at peace,
as in a deep sea of calmness, when all
around and about is trouble.