Friday, August 29, 2008

Fabulous Finds Friday

Happy Friday! We are off to West Texas this afternoon on a nice 8 hour drive in the car with 3 small kids. Can you say hell on wheels? I am just praying to the good Lord above that He gets us all through this ( and that I didn't just offend anybody when I just said hell). What's a good mom to do? Well, bribes, movies, surprises, threats of bodily harm (we will stick you outside of this car and make you walk to Snyder), ANYTHING to just get us there in one piece! I am taking Brown Bag Surprises (thanks, Michelle) and going to give those out at different intervals. They are little Brown Bags - lunch sacks - with dollar store goodies inside. I'll also have grapes, crackers, sandwiches and sweets - there's nothing like a little sugar to add to the madness! And oh yes, my favorite - movies! Lots and lots of staring and eye-straining at the little tv in the car, complete with near total silence from the rear. The leapster also garners the same response until one wants it and the other is not quite finished playing. Then, crying and or yelling ensues. Santa is SOO bringing another one for Christmas. Can you say fun times?

Wanted to share with ya'll some finds from recent excursions around town.

Isn't this a cute little Ethan Allen table? It's actually a really nice size and in great condition. I found it at my fave antique store and want to paint it black or do some type of new finish on it. 45 bucks!
A little bees nest (isn't there a different term?) - just 3 dollars!

This is an antique metal newsstand sign. Hubby was born in Abilene and I thought it would go well in his office.

I got 2 of these french chairs on craigslist for 30 dollars each. I need extra seating badly in my formal living room and had to have something small to fit the space. They definitely need some attention! I am kind of at a loss for fabric choices. Any ideas? I love the linen/monogrammed look, but don't know how that would hold up and figure that linen is very seasonal. I would love some suggestions!
Here is an overall shot of the room. It was a little hard to get a good picture in here. The chair sits facing the fireplace, to the left of the piano. It's very tight! I had the hardest time arranging the furniture in this room. I think I moved everything 5 or 6 times and when you move a piano that many times (by yourself) hurts! I really didn't want the couch blocking my pretty view, but the piano had to stay and this is the only arrangement that seemed to look ok.
Got me a collapsible tote - love it! I passed by so many of these at Marshall's and could kick myself for it. When I went back, of course, they were all gone! I got this one off of Ebay and want to get it monogrammed. It holds so much stuff and is great for quick trips to the grocery store.
Here are some cute dresses I picked up for K. I could NOT let these go - they were only 7.99 each! I nearly died when I saw the price. Are you able to see the tag that says the original price? 64 dollars, ya'll! They are brand spankin new and absolute favorite! One is a 3T and one is a size 5. She is only 17 months, but will be in these before I know it. Aren't they darling?

Have a great weekend everyone!


sandra/tx said...

You got some great deals! I love that tote, and you have me thinkin' I might need one for myself. Have a great and safe weekend on the road.

Shabby Mama said...

OMG those dresses are DARLING! what a steal! Good luck on the trip..i can the abilene sign too (we went to college in Brownwood and used to go to big Abilene for dates;;)
I was just working on my laundry room area and was thinking i need a vintage laundermat sign;;;;

have a great weekend.

R said...

all of these are great!

have you heard about mccain's runnin mate? whatcha think? i'm so PSYCHED!

Jenn Moore said...

Let me know about the car ride. Bless your heart! Cute stuff on all of your finds. I will think about the fabric issue on the chairs. I do know that a heavier weight "linen looking" cotton might work. The embroidery is a fabulous idea!

KARIN said...

Abilene? I went to high school in San Angelo! I love that table- I would paint it black, too.Bee skep! They're called bee skeps. Wish I could find one!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Sassy,
I found you through my daughter's blog. I love your new Ethan Allen table! It is a classic and will look great painted black or whatever color you decide.

ellen said...

Love all your finds, especially the dresses. (especially the second one) My mom used to do the sack surprises when i was little and I loved it. It is one of the littles favorite traditions. Have a fun and safe trip!

Nessa said...

What great finds!

I too love your Abilene sign. I grew up in Brownwood and our first apartment after marrying was in Abilene.

The dresses are absolutely adorable!

SASSY said...

A bee skep - I knew it was something different. Thanks, Karin!

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It is to have no trouble.
It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore,
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