Monday, August 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Here is what I am making this week. I usually only plan for Mon-Fri, but will someday definitely add on Sat and Sun, even though we usually eat out once on the weekend. I am having to take baby steps...a little at a time, people! I have new recipes for Mon and Th that I found using RecipeZaar. I love this site - you can add things to a personal cookbook and it will also add ingredients to a grocery list! I am still in the learning process with menu plans, but it I am really starting to see the benefits of planning for the week. It is so nice to start on a meal in the morning or mid-afternoon and have it done! I am using my crock pot a ton this week - it is so easy! Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday - hard or soft. I also like to incorporate fish into at least one meal a week. Hubby makes the best darn grilled fish I have EVER had and we have found some really good frozen salmon at Wal-mart of all places. It is "wild catch" and has an excellent flavor.

MONDAY: CrockPot Ravioli, served with fresh steamed broccoli
TUESDAY: tacos - an easy meal and one that is always a hit!
WEDNESDAY: grilled salmon with lemon/garlic/evoo on a bed of rice, served with fresh green beans
THURSDAY: Country Chicken/Veggies
FRIDAY: leftovers, leaving for Texas


sandra/tx said...

Menu planning is key, isn't it? I need to be more consistent in planning meals. Makes grocery shopping so much better, too. Love your idea of taco Tuesdays.

KARIN said...

Im sending that site to my sister-in-law. She's a freak for organisation tools like that. Me, I'm hopeless. I'm all about the "Who wants some soup and a grilled cheese!" Hee! Im going to have to get back to reality when my husband comes home from the desert :0

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It is to have no trouble.
It is never to be fretted or vexed, irritable or sore,
To wonder at nothing that is done to me,
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it is to have a blessed home in myself
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