Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!

A new week is here..yea! Somehow, the weekend is never long enough, is it?

Here is what is on the menu for our home this week:

Monday: Rachael Ray's Indian Summer Chili
Tuesday: Chicken soft tacos
Wednesday: Ziti Bake
Thursday: Crock pot Thursday: Pork chops and potatoes
Friday: going out

I had a request to post the recipe for the oh-so-tasty chicken/green bean and potatoes dish I made the other night (that was quite a fiasco)!

Potato-Green Bean-Chicken Dish

4-6 large chicken breasts (thawed)
3 large baking potatoes (pealed and cut up) or several sliced red potatoes
2-3 cans of green beans (drained)
1 stick butter
1/4 cup oil
1/2 cup water
2 packages Good Season Italian Dressing Mix
Black pepper, salt and parsley flakes (optional)


Preheat over to 225. Put all above ingredients into a large casserole dish.
Mix butter, oil, water and seasoning mix together in a bowl.
Pour seasoning mixture over the chicken, potatoes, and green beans. Garnish with parsley, add salt and pepper.
Cover with foil. Bake at 225 for 2 hours. Then, turn up oven to 350 and cook for an additional 30-45 mins just to make sure that the chicken is well cooked and potatoes are soft. Or, you can slow cook this dish for 5-6 hours on 225.

I have a busy week ahead - kiddos are home from school today and I am enjoying my day with them! Thank you to all my new blogging friends and all the sweet comments...I will catch up on everything with you very soon!


Sandy Toes said...

The potato recipe sounds yummy! It's my kind of recipe..yum!!!

This weekend went too too fast!
Happy Monday, Sassy!
-sandy toe

Mother Hood said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I have some wild boar chops I need to cook up. Your pork chops reminded me of that! :) How do you prepare your chops?

Glitter and Bliss said...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet comment on my latest post. I hope you know that I give you "full" credit on embarking on my blog journey. You were so sweet to help me get started. Thanks so much!!! Yes, let's try for next week. Many hugs. One more thing...I have making a necklace for Harper's mom. I feel so honored to do this.

Shannon said...

THose all sound delish! I've been trying to cook more and having the meals written out helps so much!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Mmmmm...Your menu looks yummy! I think we will have to have chili tonight.

blessed mama said...

You go on with your bad self with your menu planning. I am just trying to get past crusty leftovers and pb&j. By the way, my phone broke in half and I lost all of my numbers. Can you send them my way? Thanks girl...I really do want to chat!

Jilly said...

Your menu planning is great with listing of ingredients. I have been trying to cook more and having the meals written out helps so much. The potato recipe sounds yummy.
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