Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Monday and some new friends!

It's here this week! So, I am settling in and making some warm dishes using my beloved crockpot.

Monday: Crockpot BBQ Chicken served with fresh green beans
Tuesday: Crockpot Hobo Dinner - absolutely delicious and I don't really care for cabbage
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: spaghetti
Friday: Roast in the crockpot

Guess what I did Friday? Dawn at Dawn's Diversions orchestrated a get together at a local restaurant (Fox and the Hound) for OK bloggers and at the very last minute I decided to go. I had the best time! Conversations about our favorite blogs, ideas for topics to post about and even some neat give-away ideas filled the air. Many new relationships were formed. My hubby thought I was nuts running off to meet strangers, but as you can see they were just the sweetest ladies and I enjoyed getting to meet all of them!

The whole bunch - a beautiful group of girls!

Here I am with Georgie at Decisionally Challenged and Dawn. I sat next to these 2 ladies and really enjoyed their company. It was such a great evening!


Michelle said...

I was so nice getting to meet you! I have added you to my blog. You have a very sassy blog!! :) I look forward to reading it.

maggie said...

That was so much fun on Friday, wasn't it? I'm sorry I didn't get to chat much with you, but maybe at the next one. Meanwhile, I'll have to check out those recipes.

misty said...

i'm a okie blogger too... just happened to find you, not even sure. but like it here at your blog & your recipes too! i am always in need of easy & good recipes. so thanks for the link up to how to make them!
keep warm & i'll be back to visit!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Looks like a very fun get-together! :)

I got my PB pillows on clearance on the website! I really like them! You might as well take the plunge and order some! LOL! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Mother Hood said...

Hey Sassy,

I love your new banner! It is new, isn't it? Thanks for the dinner ideas. Now I'm craving spaghetti...which is unusual for me.

Shannon said...

How fun!!! I wish I could do something like this!

6HappyHearts said...

Love the new blog banner : )
Great meals using the crockpot!
What would we do w/o one?!?
I'm going to out "your way" next week so we should plan a playdate!

Sarah said...

I'm a crockpot girl too!! It was so good to met you on Friday. I love your blog.

the voice of melody said...

It sounds like you had so much fun! How wonderful that you were able to get together with all these fellow bloggers.

Enjoy your crockpot! :)

niartist said...

really like your header, and that crock pot bbq chicken sounds like heaven! Mmmm.

Denise said...

what a fun idea and gathering.

Darlene said...

Ooooo I wish I had known about the Okie blogger get together. Is that restaurant in the OKC area? I'm not familiar with it.

I hope you are staying safe and warm during our ice storm!

The Southern Housewife said...

How fun! Isn't blogging sort of closing the gap on the amount of strangers in the world. Seems like now you know someone through a friend of a friend of her blogger's readers or something like that! Love meeting new people. :)

Jill of All Trades said...

I wish I could have attended. Maybe next time.

♥georgie♥ said...

it was great visiting with you too!!! cant wait till our next gettogether

duchess said...

That all sounds good - I love anything I can fix in the crock pot. I have something for you if you'd like to pick it up.
Hope you're having a good Wednesday.

Sarah said...

ha! I did that once to. She was visiting family here in Dallas and she was from Chicago. I met a fellow blogger at the Galleria to eat lunch and take both of our girls ice skating. Wes thought I was nuts spending an afternoon with someone I didn't know...much less making Addie spend the day with a little girl she had never met as well. Ha!!!
Glad you had fun! Probably made some new friends!
Vintage Lily

Dawn said...

I am SO GLAD you were brave enough to come last Friday!! You are just precious!

Somehow I haven't added you to my blog list yet. Yikes! I'm going to do that RIGHT now!:)

Melinda said...

It was so nice meeting you last Friday! Maybe next time we can talk a little more.

**** April **** said...

Hey chicka! Long time no talk to! :) Do you ever go to Canton? Let me know if you do...or know of any other places to get great deals!?! Do do you The Grocery Game? Landy swears by it... I joined...we'll see! :) I just started doing the Menu Planning Monday. What a great concept! Love ya sister! Miss ya.

Ashley said...

wow! how fun! and its not too crazy...i met one of my very best friends EVER through my blog!!!

Jilly said...

It sounds like you had so much full of fun. How wonderful that you were able to get together with all these fellow blogger.
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