Monday, November 17, 2008

Good Morning!

I have really missed you...really!  Hope all of you are doing well.....
Can you believe that it's time to start decorating for Christmas?  It really creeped up on me!  I have been perusing all of my favorite blogs and my goodness, there is already some beautiful decor out there!

We have a new computer at our house -yea!  We broke down and bought a Dell - I hope this dadgum thing lasts for a good while.  Yes, I said dadgum!  Our last computer was only 5 years old - is that about the running average for the life a computer?

We are still working on getting all the "info" from our last computer onto our new one.  And, this one needs all the software added to it, as well.  I still can't upload photos, yet...but, soon!

Do you guys know about the Black Friday ads website?  It's awesome!  I have done a lot of shopping already, but this site really gets me excited!  Yep, I'm on one of those crazies that enjoys getting up early to hit the sales.... You'd almost think retailers would be giving stuff away trying to lure in buyers this year.


Time for this week's menu:

Monday: going out for dinner
Tuesday: mini tacos
Wednesday: chicken supreme
Thursday: grilled salmon and rice
Friday: crock pot beef stew

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!  It's good to be back!


Carol said...

There you are, welcome back! Congrats on the new computer.

Meg said...

Welcome back.. my 18 month old laptop fried in August, so I can feel your pain! I am still not quite up and running yet, with software and stuff, but I was able to get most of my files/data/photos, so the good news is we didn't lose it all!!

Denise said...

yeah, your back!

what is the black friday sale?
need more details.

Sandy Toes said...

it goes faster and faster every's hard to believe it's Thanksgiving next week!
Black Friday is so fun!
-sandy toes

duchess said...

Welcome back to civilization.
You were missed.
Congrats on the new computer. Enjoy.

Ashley Griffin said...

im so glad that you're back!! been missing hearing from you :)

Glitter and Bliss said...

I was so glad to see your comment tonight. I missed you...seriously.

Glitter and Bliss said...

Hello again. I just added to my post, and saw your comments. It is actually the "Dollar Tree" on 71st street. I just went there tonight with sis, and they had a ton of these in red and gold..only a few in the silver. I picked up a couple more silver. I will keep one of my noel signs for you. Yes, saw that on curious sofa. I am in awe of that store. Unbelievable!!! Our show is in Broken Arrow this Saturday at Centennial Middle School. I would love to see you there. We have so much to "make" before Sat.

PAT said...

Welcome back!

All my daughters and oldest g'daughter are early risers on Black Friday. Two will be at the lake, arriving late Thanksgiving. While they are shopping, Friday, I'm making Thanksgiving dinner. They always find the best deals. They look at the Black Friday ads, online, too and make a plan.

blessed mama said...

So glad you're back! Missed you girl! K has something coming in the mail...keep your peepers open!

Glitter and Bliss said...

Well, got your sweet message late in the day.. So sorry I missed you. I tried to call you back around 3:15, but I missed you. I was over at my sis's house crafting and left phone at home. Can you come Sat and get all your goodies?

Shannon said...

I love shopping on Black Friday too! :)

Belle-ah said...

I feel your computer pain...mine is about 5 years old and we are feeling that it is about to bite the dust...which is another issue all together!

Happy Monday!

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