Monday, November 24, 2008

A little trip to Arkansas!

Happy Monday!

Hey ya'll! I'm rushing around today trying to get ready to leave for Texas - whohoo! We are headed to a little West Tx town (po-dunct-ville) to visit hubby's great-grandparents. Nana can cook, and...boy, is it gonna be good! This will probably be my only post this week - hope everyone enjoys their day of thanks!

I had a jam-packed weekend complete with a visit from my aunt and cousin. We headed over to Arkansas for the Dayspring Warehouse Sale and had an absolute blast!! They hold this sale once a year, right before Thanksgiving. If you have never been, it is definitely worth the trip. Dayspring makes all the pretty paper goods and gift items you see in Christian bookstores like Mardels and LifeWay..even Walmart. I got tons of goodies - gorgeous gift bags for 50 cents, note cards 10 for a buck, pretty wrapping paper, day planners, etc. Most of my Christmas shopping is done now - yay!

Full of tons of great stuff!

Next, we headed over to the infamous OOPS store...which is more like a warehouse. It's huge! If you have followed Shannon's blog, then you know about this store. She's gotten lots of cute things there. I think Kelly at Kelly's Korner also mentions it a time or two. This is a fun place, ya'll!

the 3 amigos: Laura (cousin), Priscilla (aunt) and myself outside the entrance sitting in a huge chair

Aisles and aisles of Christmas decor

a little life-size village in the back of the store

neat sleigh

Loved these Christmas trees - they are tall and made out of wood - so pretty..almost took them home!

Bought these mercury glass birdies - all for less than $15. The big one broke on the trip back...but, I fixed it!

Don't you love this pretty rabbit? I did too, for $13.50! He's also a nice, large size.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving friends....take care and enjoy your precious families! We all have soo much to be thankful for! :)


Shabby Mama said...

hey girl, I need your email addy so i can "invite: you into my blog now that it is locked..just email when you have time

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Great stuff! Love the rabbit! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Ashley Griffin said...

looks like fun... and you looked so pretty in the picture!

Sarah said...

Fun! I love the wooded trees. Be safe driving!
Vintage Lily

Sandy Toes said...

OH my word..what great stuff! Can I come shop with you?!
-sandy toes

duchess said...

I'm jealous - I want to go to Oops - such great deals.

Love your finds.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving & safe travels.

ellen said...

Looks like the perfect weekend to me...especially with the Sonic in the background! :-) Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A La Mode Designs said...

You cut your hair? I love it!! Have a fabulous Thanksgiving - and if you are ever close to "home" again I would love to see you........

Sandy said...

I'll take those wood trees! Cool!

R said...

how cute are you in your picture?! red looks so pretty on you.

PAT said...

Two neat places!

Enjoy your trip to east Texas. That's where my paternal grandparents lived.

Happy Thanksgiving!

sandra/tx said...

Wow! Looks like you found some great stuff. I'd be so ADD in a place like that. LOL

Have a safe trip to TX. I think the weather's supposed to be pretty good up there.

Sit A Spell said...

I used to live very near Dayspring and remember going to that sale! How fun! Great Christmas stuff too.

Sit A Spell said... do I get your MOPS "thing" on my blog? I am in Field Leadership with MOPS!

**** April **** said...

when and where does this sale occur!? I WILL be there next year!

Shannon said...

You got some great things! I love those mercury birds. I need to go to the Dayspring sale next year! I didn't know about it!

Mind Your Manors said...

Fun, Fun! I wish I could go to the OOPS store! THanks for sharing.


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