Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the Cheap

I have been searching for several months now for just the right thing to hang above the toilet in my powder bath. I finally decided to make my own.
Container: $10 at Hobby Lobby - 1/2 off
Feathers: $2 at Hobby Lobby - 1/2 off
Greenery: $3 from yard sale for a big bunch of it
Knowing I spent less than $20 bucks on this pretty arrangement: priceless


sandra/tx said...

Thanks for stopping by, JL. I love the floral piece you did. I'm way behind checking out HL these days.

My hubby and I lived in Tulsa back in the late 80's and absolutely loved it. Even though we'll always be Texans, some of our fondest memories and very best friends are in Tulsa.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Saw your comment on another blog and had to come support a new blogger. I just started mine as well, and it's been a blast. Love your fun find. Nothing better than finding special treasures and/or creating them yourself.
Your kiddoes are ADORABLE!!!!
I am from NC but in your TX state right now.:)

ellen said...

oooooohhh...your blog is looking so cute! i love the polka dots!

WindRose said...

Hey girl, Great blog! It really looks cute. I too love Hobby Lobby. They have the greatest deals. Your arrangement turned out great - bravo!
Lisa Goforth

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