Monday, July 28, 2008

My 3 birdies....

Aren't they cute? And yes, baby girl has red hair! :)


TexasShoeGal said...

The are SO cute. I cannot believe how they are growing! :)

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hello! Awww! What little sweethearts you have! They are adorable and just LOVE the red hair! Yes, you may add me to your blog roll if I can add you to mine! :) As much as I love antiques, I certainly don't adore them in my technology! I've got the slowest computer and dial up internet access around so it takes me a full day to post pics and such but I hope you come back by soon to chat. I will be checking in on you too. Good luck with blogland, it's so much fun! :) ~ Laurie

Kelly said...

Oh my those kids are cute!!!!

Thanks for coming to visit me and for your sweet comment!!!! I'll be back!

Jen said...

They are cute!!

I hope you all are well. Hopefully we can come visit again soon.

jynngo said...

Precious Babies!!
It sounds like you are all doing well in Oklahoma!
Are you all settled in and unpacked?
Can't wait to see pictures!!
Have a great week! jenn

ellen said...

So glad you figured the pictures out...what cuties!

See you soon!

Jenn Moore said...

Hey girl! I can't believe how those little birdies are growing. Karis is a doll baby! Love you and miss you like crazy!!! I'll try to remember to give you a shout tomorrow. Kiss the birdies for me!

Ruthann said...

What beautiful babies! And oh my, aren't you lucky to have that adorable red-headed girl!! I was lucky too and have two red headed girls!! So fun! Welcome to blogland you are going to have a blast! PLease do add me to your blogroll!! God bless you!
Warm Pie, Happy Home

ceo of lynn house said...

So glad to hear from you. I started a blog in April and have yet to update, but when I do I'll send you the link.
YOurs is adorable! So glad to hear you are out and about having fun. Enjoy they grow up and will not be around to just go on adventures like those you have posted. Miss you! Keep the blogs coming. Aprile

ceo of lynn house said...

Way to go girl! What a cute site! I started one in April and have yet to update it you have inspired me. I'll send you the link once I do update. Sounds like you all are having fun, adventuring and enjoying one another! So glad to hear from you, I've been thinking about you guys. I miss you, Big hugs, Love Aprile

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